Qualifyng WODs:

Find your 1RM Snatch
Time cap: 3 min

1 min rest between QWOD 1 and QWOD 2

10 Box jump over 50/60 cm
5 Clean & STOH
10 BJO
5 Clean & STOH
10 BJO
5 Clean & STOH
10 BJO
5 Clean & STOH
10 BJO
In the remaining time: AMRAP Clean & STOH
Time cap: 7 min
Weights: W: 40-45-50-55-60
M: 60-70-80-90-100

3 min AMRAP:
3 Pull up
3 Burpee
6 Pull up
3 Burpee
9 Pull up
3 burpee
2 min rest between QWOD 3 and QWOD 4

For time:
80 DU
20 DL
40 Cal row
20 Hang clean
20 Back squat
10 Bar MU
Time cap: 10 min
Deadlift: 80/130
Hang clean/Back squat: 45/70


QWOD Video 1-2: QWOD Video 3-4:

Qualifyng WOD description:

Video rules:
Take the videos at through all the exercises from side view
You have to show the barbell and plate weights to confirm the weight, and show all the accessories.
The clock and equipment have to be visible all the way along the WOD
You have to share your vid on any of the popular video sharing portals, and link it to the appropriate place on our website.

QWOD 1-2 description:
In the QWOD 1 athlete has 3 min to find 1RM in snatch. Athlete has any try, the starting weight can be pre-assembled the WOD.

Between QWOD 1 and QWOD 2 you have 1 min rest.

In the QWOD 2 athlete has 7 min to make as many reps he/she can, after five rounds of 10 box jump over and 5 clean and STOH, the weight increasing from round to round. After the 5th round he/she continues to work on the fifth round’s weight, to finish the AMRAP. If an athlete unable work with a certain weight, he/she finished that point. If same result happened, the time will decide, who finished faster to that weight was able to perform.


Starts from the ground, in one continuous movement, athlete gets the barbell overhead, without a press. Any technique is allowed. Athlete has to stand still a moment when finished.

Box jump over:
The exercise starts with a parallel jump. Any techniques are allowed, the point is to get from one side of the box to the other. Athletes cannot touch the box with hand; athletes can step down on the other side. Locking position not requested. Athlete can jump over the box.

Clean and STOH:
Down position barbell touches the ground. In top (front rack), the body fully rising into locking knees, hips position.

STOH starts from front rack position. The point is to get the barbell over the head. Can be push, strict push and jerk. In top position knees, hips and elbows are locked out; arms are covering the ears from lateral view. Athlete has to stand still for a moment with the barbell.

QWOD 3-4:
QWOD 3 is a 3 min AMRAP pullups and burpees in the following pattern: 3PU-3BU, 6PU-3BU, 9PU-3BU etc

Between QWOD 1 and QWOD 2 you have 1 min rest.

In QWOD 4 athlete has 10 min to finish. If not able to finish, the reps did not made counts 1 sec in addition to the 10min, eg 10MU didn’t finished the time will 10’10”. If not able to perform an exercise then all the remaining reps will added to the 10 min. If same result occurred, the time counts when the last rep performed.


Pullups:All of the techniques are accepted (strict, kipping, butterfly). At the down position the elbows must be locked, at the top position the chin is over the bar.

At the down position the chest must touch the ground, at the top positon the body full erected, the hips and knees are locked. At the top position athlete has to take a small parallel jump along a clap overhead, or behind the neck.

Down position barbell touches the ground. In top, the body fully rising into locking knees, hips position. No bouncing allowed. Sumo is (cheating 😀 ) not allowed.

Hang clean:
Movement from barbell hangs position to front rack position. The barbell cannot get under the knees. The body, fully rising into locked knees and hips position. All techniques allowed.

Down position head touches the ground, top position elbows and hips are full locked open position. Only the heels touch (those must) the wall when in top position, no other body parts allowed. Any technique allowed.

Back squat:
Athlete must get the weight to shoulders (back) with any technique, no rack allowed to use. Down position hips under the knee line, top position hips and knees are full locked.

Bar muscle up:
Bar MU: down position same as pullups, in the top position athlete must push her/himself over the bar, where the elbows are in locked position. Non attractive “chicken wings” Mus are also accepted.


Competition Wods


Wod 2


Hedo vitaflex  

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